Tan Hoang Linh Joint Stock Company always takes product quality as the core value for our development, so we are committed to providing customers with the best quality products that fully meet the standards. about the product in accordance with the current regulations.
Below is the content of the company’s commitment to quality and sales service for its products:
Commitment to product quality
With a team of staff members and workers with professional experience and good skills, with synchronous and modern production lines; complete system of factories and warehouses; … we commit to:
– Ensure products are manufactured on the most advanced technology lines and are tested experimentally before they are shipped to avoid unfortunate incidents that may occur, in order to bring customers quality products. best quality and most reliable.
– Only provide products with the best quality, in accordance with the maximum requirements of customers.
– With the motto “Your safety is our success”, we are always listening and ready to receive all comments from customers; Constantly improving, researching and applying new technologies in production to more and more complete the main product lines, improve features and reduce production costs, giving customers more choices with The most reasonable price.
2. Commitment to sales service quality
– Providing standardized products with the best quality;
– Competitive price;
– Meet all customer requirements in the shortest time;
– Ensure the quantity and correct type required;
– Respect all the needs of customers;
– Free consultation for customers about our products;
– Continuously improve technology, improve quality and labor productivity at the highest level;
– Always looking for new breakthrough solutions to produce versatile, convenient and environmentally friendly products;
– Customer-oriented: Bringing the best products and services with the best interests of customers is always the first priority;
Cooperation, sharing, and trust: With a professional working environment, promoting collective solidarity, always listening and understanding customers. Tan Hoang Linh Joint Stock Company hopes to bring to customers the best products and services.